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TrueData Partners: New Identity

TrueData Partners was a small start-up in the electronic legal discovery space. Technically smart and business agile, they were a David in a market dominated by Goliath. In order to grow their business to the next inflection point they realized they would need not only a strong identity but memorable and credible positioning. They turned to us for both.

Not only was their identity weak, but none of the materials matched, leaving them with a disorganized and chaotic image. In order to rise above the noise, all of their materials would need to be coherently reinforcing each other.There were also problems with the messaging. TrueData’s brochure and tradeshow graphics delivered a common theme in this business segment: technology. But the message of “technology leader” was not only over used, it wasn’t particularly credible coming from this upstart.
Brochure Website Tradeshow Graphics

Our first step was to lead TrueData through an identity development process. The final design which emerged played on the technical nature of the company’s services, much of which had to do with extracting data bits from hard drives.

With the identity complete, we began the process of creating messaging and positioning for the firm that would enable it to compete in a rapidly-growing market where they were a much smaller and newer entrant.Our key insight with the messaging was that technology, without the right people behind it, was nothing. This enabled us to create an effective defense to the technology claims of our bigger competitors. Our position became “Technology is Everything. Technology is Nothing.”

To reinforce the message, we capitalized on as asset that TrueData had that its competitors didn’t: TrueData’s people. We would make heroes of them. This gave us a sustainable competitive advantage because the people of TrueData were heavily invested in the firm, whereas the people in competitive firms were merely employees.

We identified the hobbies of key employees, from scuba diving to bicycling. We took photos of them in their gear with all of their equipment and talked about the fact that all of this equipment was nothing without its operator. We used these photos and stories on the website, in the brochure, and in giant tradeshow banners and booth graphics.

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The results were sudden and dramatic. Soon after launching the new identity at the LegalTech trade show in Los Angeles, the firm was acquired by services giant FirstAdvantage in a lucrative buyout. Today, TrueData Partners is a part of the Litigation Consulting practice of FirstAdvantage, and the partners of TrueData are scuba diving and skiing.

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