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Biz360: Lead Gen on Steroids

Situation: When you invent a new product and a new category, you need good marketing. When the new product costs over $100,000 per year, you need great marketing. Biz360 invented marketing analytics, which enables the quantitative measurement of corporate communications activities. But as with many innovations, successful selling it required a time-consuming education process. And like all start-ups, time was a luxury Biz360 could not afford. Strategic Insight: Selling Biz360’s …Read More

Cisco: Web Architecture

Nobody knows more about delivering the bits and bytes of Web content than Cisco. But when it was time to organize and refine the content of their own website, they turned to us. We helped Cisco make their website more effective by organizing key site areas around industry solutions. In the process we simplified navigation by reducing the density of unrelated links while increasing the density of related ones. We also gave …Read More

Verio: World Domination

In 1995 the web was in its infancy. Scott Adams and Bill Nesbitt saw the potential for businesses, but recognized that most companies wouldn’t want to run their own servers. They started Hiway, one of the first web hosting businesses, from their condo in South Florida. Their challenge was delivering the complex message of outsourced web hosting to a non-technical audience while staying ahead of the competition that was sure …Read More

Heidrick & Struggles: Service Innovation

Situation: Like many executive search firms in 2002, Heidrick & Struggles was battling a cyclical decline in its core business. Strategic Insight: Heidrick needed to move away from the “start-stop-start-stop” engagement model of traditional executive search firms and create a service model around continuous client engagement. Working together, we created and marketed a suite of “Leadership Services”, including interim placement, executive assessment and coaching. We then leveraged Heidrick’s unique assessment …Read More

AMA: Social Media and Web 2.0

Challenge: Quickly bring marketing professionals up to speed on how to use social media and Web 2.0 to connect with customers. Solution: We created an intensive two-day course on Web 2.0 and the applications of social media. Rick Scherle has personally delivered this course to hundreds of marketing professionals around the country and has trained the American Management Association’s trainers at their regional centers in New York, Chicago and Arlington, VA.