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Clearwire: Corporate Naming

Deploying wireless broadband is tricky, and so is communicating about it to a non-technical audience. Inter-Air Wireless turned to us to create a concise, memorable name with staying power. Our answer was “Clearwire.” They are now the largest 4G network in the United States, and expect to reach 120 million customers by the end of 2010.

TrueData Partners: New Identity

TrueData Partners was a small start-up in the electronic legal discovery space. Technically smart and business agile, they were a David in a market dominated by Goliath. In order to grow their business to the next inflection point they realized they would need not only a strong identity but memorable and credible positioning. They turned to us for both. Not only was their identity weak, but none of the materials …Read More

i2Telecom: Rising Above the Noise

Although it’s hard to remember now, telephone calls outside of your local area used to be very expensive, and international calling was ruinous. In 1950, a 15-minute call from New York to LA was over $30 (in 2001 dollars). Calls to London were 10 times that rate. The recent revolution in telephone pricing and capability is the result of a technical innovation called VoIP that made it possible to place …Read More