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Qumu: A Conceptual Identity

Qumu is an enterprise video platform provider that puts the creation, sharing and consumption of video within the reach of everyone in an organization. This enables them to use the authority, inspiration and engagement of video to improve productivity and educational alignment.

Qumu old cardQumu’s identity was developed years ago, before the company was a leader in their space. The identity was overly complex, integrating both a “speech bubble” and a video “play” button. The colors, maroon and gray, were conservative and retro looking. Perhaps most importantly, the font did not have a strong, clear “Q”, a problem which exacerbated the fact that the company’s name was odd, making it difficult to read.

Positioning Idea

The company’s positioning was indistinct from their competitor’s: they were all offering technology “solutions” to the problem of supporting video bandwidth across the enterprise. As we studied the company’s products and interviewed their customers, two key insights emerged: 1) Qumu was very focused on the reliable end-to-end delivery of video to every point in the organization, without excuses or interruptions. 2) Qumu was committed to using video to deliver significant business impact for their customers, not just flashy screen and graphics.
We synthesized these two ideas into the tagline “video that delivers.”

Visual Brand

Visually, everyone in the space was using highly technical diagrams, video production symbols, and flashy screens to tell their stories. While they may have gotten the facts straight, the blur of details and technologies failed to capture the “feeling” of video; they just sat there on the page. We set as our goal the creation of a conceptual look and feel for the company which captured the fluidity, the power, the beauty of ideas in motion. We were looking for a symbol, not of the technology (which was rapidly changing) but of the freedom and simplicity gained by communicating with video.

Qumu new cardWe designed the new company logo to use only the company name, in a clear, simple and strong font, with no extraneous graphic symbols. We then added a dramatic water wave as an identity element on all of the company’s communication. There are actually a variety of different wave styles and orientations used depending on the type of collateral, but each is clearly a member of the same family: simple, dynamic, light teal blue.


The new identity was embraced by both internal audiences and customers. It provides a strong, consistent platform for articulating the benefits of Qumu’s video solutions. Plus, the conceptual nature of the identity has lead the company’s marketing communications in new directions that would not have been possible with a more static identity. For example, 3D animations of the wave have added pizazz to the company’s information signage product and promotional videos, the wave has inspired giving away bottles of branded water at trade show events, and the fluid motion of water has inspired the navigation of the company’s website.

Qumu mugIn the quarter after the rollout of their new image, Qumu announced its successful acquisition by a large full-service digital content firm.

[Watch the case study on YouTube]

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