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i2Telecom: Rising Above the Noise

Although it’s hard to remember now, telephone calls outside of your local area used to be very expensive, and international calling was ruinous. In 1950, a 15-minute call from New York to LA was over $30 (in 2001 dollars). Calls to London were 10 times that rate.

The recent revolution in telephone pricing and capability is the result of a technical innovation called VoIP that made it possible to place calls over the Internet, bypassing phone companies altogether.

With thousands of VoIP start-ups offering a dizzying array of hardware, software, and hybrid products, start-up i2Telecom knew it had to differentiate. CEO Tony Zalenski, a former Motorola executive, hired us to help. Despite working with budgets one thousandth the size of our largest competitors, we used product innovation and PR strategy to turn i2Telecom into the second most covered VoIP company in the country, behind only Vonage.


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Rick Scherle is a founder and Senior Managing Partner at Zoe Street.