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Playing with Dynamite: Great advertising is risky

A friend of mine told me he was shooting a video for a client in LA. “How’s it going,” I asked. “It’s awful,” he replied. “You know how I can tell it’s awful? Because the client loves it!” Marketing, like many human endeavors, operates on a risk/reward curve; nothing ventured, nothing gained. By the time everyone in the company has approved the advertising, you can bet they have snuffed out …Read More

What do Businesses Buy?

It’s actually a trick question; one of those questions that make you roll your eyes (and perhaps groan) when you hear the answer. Still, it’s worth considering, so I’ll give you a hint: What do BUSINESSES buy (as opposed to people)? The answer is: NOTHING. Businesses don’t buy anything. People buy things, sometimes for their businesses. Too often, we think “Oh, we’re going to sell this to XYZ Co.” or …Read More

Are you in a bad relationship?

Are you in a bad relationship? You know the warning signs. Poor communication: It seems like they don’t listen to you at all, but they expect you to hang on their every word. Lack of trust: You feel like they are hiding stuff from you. They lie about what they are up to and aren’t honest about their mistakes. Disrespect: They treat you like you’re not important, while flirting with …Read More