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Biz360: Lead Gen on Steroids

When you invent a new product and a new category, you need good marketing. When the new product costs over $100,000 per year, you need great marketing.

Biz360 invented marketing analytics, which enables the quantitative measurement of corporate communications activities. But as with many innovations, successful selling it required a time-consuming education process. And like all start-ups, time was a luxury Biz360 could not afford.

Strategic Insight:
Selling Biz360’s product required strong positioning, and education at multiple levels inside the prospect’s organization. To meet this need, we developed a multi-tiered direct mail methodology matching low-cost pieces to unqualified lists, medium-cost pieces to qualified lists, and high impact pieces to key gatekeepers and influencers. Combining this approach with a strong, appropriate call to action for each phase of the sales cycle produced remarkable results.

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  • Our programs generated 70% of Biz360’s sales leads for a 2.5 year period
  • We achieved 175% of goal for our campaigns to the life sciences market
  • A postcard campaign to the high tech market generated an 11.33% response rate, versus the typical 1%

“They did a fantastic job of helping us establish the right messaging and communication strategy, and delivering effective, top-notch creative that hits the target. They play a key role in the growth and success of Biz360.”
– Robyn Forman , Director of IMC, Biz360

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Rick Scherle is a founder and Senior Managing Partner at Zoe Street.