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Heidrick & Struggles: Service Innovation

Situation: Like many executive search firms in 2002, Heidrick & Struggles was battling a cyclical decline in its core business. Strategic Insight: Heidrick needed to move away from the “start-stop-start-stop” engagement model of traditional executive search firms and create a service model around continuous client engagement. Working together, we created and marketed a suite of “Leadership Services”, including interim placement, executive assessment and coaching. We then leveraged Heidrick’s unique assessment …Read More

AMA: Social Media and Web 2.0

Challenge: Quickly bring marketing professionals up to speed on how to use social media and Web 2.0 to connect with customers. Solution: We created an intensive two-day course on Web 2.0 and the applications of social media. Rick Scherle has personally delivered this course to hundreds of marketing professionals around the country and has trained the American Management Association’s trainers at their regional centers in New York, Chicago and Arlington, VA.

What do Businesses Buy?

It’s actually a trick question; one of those questions that make you roll your eyes (and perhaps groan) when you hear the answer. Still, it’s worth considering, so I’ll give you a hint: What do BUSINESSES buy (as opposed to people)? The answer is: NOTHING. Businesses don’t buy anything. People buy things, sometimes for their businesses. Too often, we think “Oh, we’re going to sell this to XYZ Co.” or …Read More

Are you in a bad relationship?

Are you in a bad relationship? You know the warning signs. Poor communication: It seems like they don’t listen to you at all, but they expect you to hang on their every word. Lack of trust: You feel like they are hiding stuff from you. They lie about what they are up to and aren’t honest about their mistakes. Disrespect: They treat you like you’re not important, while flirting with …Read More