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Qumu: A Conceptual Identity

Qumu is an enterprise video platform provider that puts the creation, sharing and consumption of video within the reach of everyone in an organization. This enables them to use the authority, inspiration and engagement of video to improve productivity and educational alignment. Qumu’s identity was developed years ago, before the company was a leader in their space. The identity was overly complex, integrating both a “speech bubble” and a video …Read More

Playing with Dynamite: Great advertising is risky

A friend of mine told me he was shooting a video for a client in LA. “How’s it going,” I asked. “It’s awful,” he replied. “You know how I can tell it’s awful? Because the client loves it!” Marketing, like many human endeavors, operates on a risk/reward curve; nothing ventured, nothing gained. By the time everyone in the company has approved the advertising, you can bet they have snuffed out …Read More

Biz360: Lead Gen on Steroids

Situation: When you invent a new product and a new category, you need good marketing. When the new product costs over $100,000 per year, you need great marketing. Biz360 invented marketing analytics, which enables the quantitative measurement of corporate communications activities. But as with many innovations, successful selling it required a time-consuming education process. And like all start-ups, time was a luxury Biz360 could not afford. Strategic Insight: Selling Biz360’s …Read More

Clearwire: Corporate Naming

Deploying wireless broadband is tricky, and so is communicating about it to a non-technical audience. Inter-Air Wireless turned to us to create a concise, memorable name with staying power. Our answer was “Clearwire.” They are now the largest 4G network in the United States, and expect to reach 120 million customers by the end of 2010.

Cisco: Web Architecture

Nobody knows more about delivering the bits and bytes of Web content than Cisco. But when it was time to organize and refine the content of their own website, they turned to us. We helped Cisco make their website more effective by organizing key site areas around industry solutions. In the process we simplified navigation by reducing the density of unrelated links while increasing the density of related ones. We also gave …Read More

Verio: World Domination

In 1995 the web was in its infancy. Scott Adams and Bill Nesbitt saw the potential for businesses, but recognized that most companies wouldn’t want to run their own servers. They started Hiway, one of the first web hosting businesses, from their condo in South Florida. Their challenge was delivering the complex message of outsourced web hosting to a non-technical audience while staying ahead of the competition that was sure …Read More

TrueData Partners: New Identity

TrueData Partners was a small start-up in the electronic legal discovery space. Technically smart and business agile, they were a David in a market dominated by Goliath. In order to grow their business to the next inflection point they realized they would need not only a strong identity but memorable and credible positioning. They turned to us for both. Not only was their identity weak, but none of the materials …Read More

i2Telecom: Rising Above the Noise

Although it’s hard to remember now, telephone calls outside of your local area used to be very expensive, and international calling was ruinous. In 1950, a 15-minute call from New York to LA was over $30 (in 2001 dollars). Calls to London were 10 times that rate. The recent revolution in telephone pricing and capability is the result of a technical innovation called VoIP that made it possible to place …Read More