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Zoe Street – Strategic Marketing Consultancy

What we Do

Every dollar spent on marketing should be an investment in competitive advantage. Whether we’re working with a client to articulate a brand, invent a new product, pioneer a new type of media, or just refresh an existing design, our focus is on the market impact. Because if it doesn't make a competitor say “Dang. I wish we’d thought of that!” then it might not be worth doing.


How we do it

As strategic marketers, we create value by delivering competitive advantage. That means understanding that the problem presented isn’t necessarily the whole problem. {Experience suggests it isn't } That success means more than “on time, on budget.” {The best solutions alter the competitive game in your favor.} That addressing the root problem is usually less costly than treating individual symptoms. {Every dollar invested in competitive advantage pays dividends over and over.}


Recent Blog Posts

What do Businesses Buy?

It’s actually a trick question; one of those questions that make you roll your eyes (and perhaps groan) when you hear the answer. Still, it’s worth considering, so I’ll give you a hint: What do BUSINESSES buy (as opposed to people)?

The answer is: NOTHING. Businesses don’t buy anything. People buy

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Are you in a bad relationship?

Are you in a bad relationship? You know the warning signs.

Poor communication: It seems like they don’t listen to you at all, but they expect you to hang on their every word.
Lack of trust: You feel like they are hiding stuff from you. They lie about what they are up to and

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If you have a marketing challenge, or just want a sympathetic ear while you vent about the unique forms of torture that high technology presents to even the most intrepid marketers, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us by calling (415) 255-0550 ext 0 or by pressing this button -->.